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The Atlanta Step-Up Society, (ASUS) Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation who is a group of veterans who were once homeless, hopeless and who have recovered from addictions to alcohol and other mind-altering chemicals.  Our mission is to help the suffering veterans, the homeless and those suffering from addiction to rebuild their lives.  
ASUS has offered exceptional service in the community since 1994.  ASUS was the proud winner of the TBS Super 17 Volunteerism Award in the area of poverty issues for 1999 and is funded in part by your donations & Fulton County Human Services.  ASUS maintains its partnership with the United Way in the Shelter to Home Initiative
Our organization is located in the renewal  communities of Atlanta with a high degree of poverty.  Our primary  purpose is to provide a viable solution for  homeless veterans and otherwise under-privileged individuals, enabling them to become more productive members of our society.
We teach and live the values of:
Self-Help and Self Respect

The Ackerman Foundation
Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Atlanta Step-Up Society 
1840 Cheshire Bridge Rd
Atlanta, GA  30324

(404) 892-3392

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