All contributions to include cash, clothing, furniture, small appliances and household goods, etc.will do much to help us aid the homeless and underprivileged on their road to becoming productive members of society. Let ASUS be your silent partner during your garage and yard sales.  After your sale we will pick up usable unsold items to help people rebuild their homes and families. If you choose, you may also deliver any usable items that you want to donate to our organization to benefit those in need. Tax deductible receipts are issued when you  deliver items, or the driver will issue a receipt at the time of pick-up. PLEASE box or bag all small, loose donated items.  In some cases we will need a picture of a proposed donation emailed to us prior to picking it up.                          

ASUS has operated up to now with no government or foundation support of any kind; with the exception of a small grant from the Governor's Office of Highway and Safety to conduct pedestrian safety education among the homeless. The ASUS Board has made a decision to seek Government and foundation funding in order to substantially increase the number of homeless people in recovery it can help to achieve self-sufficient lives, and any donations it receives from the private sector.

If you would to help in our goals to further help the homeless and would like make a donate to ASUS, you can send a check to the address abover right or you can submit a donation through paypal. Thank you so much!

We have had many corporate donors in the past. Some of these donors include TBS, JCPenney, and many others. If you would like your company to partner with us, please contact us at the number or email to the right. 

Your donation could mean the difference in a person's life. We at Step-Up greatly appreciate your contributions. 

Over the years, ASUS has partnered with many nonprofits, including YMCA of Buckhead, the United Way, and many others. It would be a pleasure to partner with you in your efforts to contribute to the metro-Atlanta community. 
Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

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